Food Processing

Africanna Business & Construction (ABC) Company seeks to promote the livelihoods of farmers, handlers and traders in the five horticultural areas in Gedo Region. We are convinced that the following areas will contribute to increased horticultural production in the area:

Horticultural Production:

  • The provision of extension services, credit facilities and export market promotion advice.
  • Establishment of nurseries, including distribution of seed and seedlings
  • Provision of pesticides and training in their proper and safe use
  • Provision of sprayers
  • Establishment of a proper water management system
  • Training on planting techniques
  • Rehabilitation of feeder roads for transport of horticultural produce
  • Assistance in processing fruits and vegetables internally
  • Investment in packaging and conservation plants and equipment
  • Research into market opportunities abroad and active promotion of Somali exports

Horticultural marketing

  • Improvement of security
  • Establishment of farmer security services for escorting products to the markets.
  • Establishment of farmer associations and co-operatives to improve the marketing structures and systems, negotiate for better prices with middlemen, transporters and security providers.
  • Support for peace-making efforts through farmers’ associations at the community, regional and national levels for the establishment of a national government: With a government, a national agricultural and marketing policy can be established.
  • The security of the whole country will be improved, thus enabling the farmers to work their farms unhindered.
  • The cost of production and marketing will be reduced.
  • Improvement of product quality, packaging and distribution
  • Use of improved, tested seeds and environmentally acceptable pesticides.
  • A revival of local markets and demands to accelerate production and marketing.
  • The expansion of horticultural markets in major urban towns.
  • Opening of new markets abroad.
  • Provision of chilled storage facilities in the main markets, particularly at Bula Hawa or Bardera.

Project Innovative Approaches

  • The project will cover Gedo Region (Bula Hawa, Dolow, Bardera, Luuq) as shown in the map [1]
  • Establishment of a demonstration farm; display of best practices and piloting of innovative technologies before scaling out
  • Revival of the irrigation system in one of the blocks to support production and Irrigation support using low cost high yield technologies
  • Fruit drying (Mangoes) to minimise post-harvest losses and price fluctuations as a result of gluts or scarcity during the off seasons
  • Transport of farm produce and provide access to market in a timely manner
  • Installation of equipment for the development of pulp for juice processing plants
  • Offering all season transportation from farm to warehouse/market place
  • Sourcing and distribution of fast maturing seeds (grafted mangoes), fast maturing papaya, oranges, lime, bananas and other preferred fruits in the region
  • Market development and negotiation for better prices
  • Organic farming techniques
  • Farmer training to comply with international standards for the export market
  • Packaging and exportation