Our Objectives

  • 1. To provide adequate construction activities for participating of rebuilding currently activities restoring in the country decoration.
  • 2. Promote local business in the field of better business practices and professionalism.
  • 3. Provide guidance and counseling to local firms on better marketing and approach strategy.
  • 4. To provide zenith logistic and procuring activities with whole clients sustainable superior satisfaction.
  • 5. To make procurement exchange around the world to facilitate and collaborate the international companies professionals of Somalia.

Company Background

Africanna Business and Construction Company LTD is a private company that provides a range of services to different clients in the Eastern Africa region and founded by group of companies in 5 May 2005, when a group of the community realized that to respond the trading, construction and logistics activities demandsin Somalia and Kenya. The project teams maintain a strong foundation of trust and mutual respect generated through positive relationships with clients, architects, engineers, subcontractors and suppliers.

The company is legally registered and able to operate in Somalia, Kenya and South Sudan. In Somalia, the company is registered with the Federal Government of Somalia, the Government of Somaliland, Puntland,Jubbaland and other federal units in the country.

Our company policy encourages shared performance responsibility ensures the highest degree of profession-al service and results on all projects undertaken. The project team at African Construction and supplies Company. offering a full range of construction and Supplies services. With its dedication to excellence,AFRICANNA BUSINESS AND CONSTRUCTION COMPANY has managed to successfully complete various contracts to the satisfaction of the clients. The construction industry is currently the fastest growing industry in Somalia and Kenya.

In recognition of this fact, the objective of this company is to provide quality products and services and to continually improve customer service at competitive prices to best meet their needs.

The company has embraced the latest technologies in communication and logistics to ensure that our clients receive the right service at the right time. Our management and technical staff are dedicated to steer this company towards achieving these goals.

We plan to include in our bracket private companies and more so, nongovernmental organizations as part of our clientele and Governments. Relatively, during the initial stage of company establishments African Construction and supplies Company.Team had under taken an assessment mission aimed at the wider local desires as well as the resource attained regular basis of (African Construction and supplies Company). Are guided by good manner of business ethics. We currently employ around 30 Construction operatives both on a part time and full-time basis, with the figures constantly and consistently expanding.

The Company started small scale of trading and Construction activities in different conditions later the company has targeted the first-time serving construction and logistics both private, public sectors and humanitarian agencies working the country currently. The company is continuing to build for this category of buyer while at the same time entering into the affordable trading market.

(Seas planning Co projects and sub-projects is managed by our team which are highly experienced personnel, incorporating the observe with various professionals in the architectural or structural design, repairing and reconstruction, engineering, unique buildings with apartments and Trading logistic procurement services through continuous improvement and other related fields throughout our philosophy is based on that the“customer is KING”.


Our vision is to be an inspiring model of dynamic company of professionalism construction, Logistics and General Trading opportunities for all our clients to effective and efficient in a noble effort to bring about positive change towards adequate Construction, survey plan and logistics, and general Trading sector implementing different construction activities in the country both urban and rural areas in the horn of Africa region


We are entirely determined to make the company to be the leader reconstruction efforts of rebuilding the country’s infrastructure by working with the local community, public sector and humanitarian organizations currently working in the country. We intend to build a reservoir of Construction, Survey plan or trading and Logistics services and deliver to zenith the potential of our all stakeholders by constantly carrying out intensive and extensive activities and collaborating with other local and regional companies who share in our vision.

  • For our clients, we will work as a partner to provide excellent services by meeting all agreed-upon commitments,
  • For our employees, we will create work environment that motivates and allows them to grow and develop and perform their jobs to the maximum of their ability.
  • Our shareholders, we will meet our goals to provide them with sustainable superior returns.